About us

We are a music library born out of our South London "Squirky" Studios and Independent Record Label.

We provide cutting edge, high quality and innovative music for use in films, television, advertisements, corporate videos, apps, web sites, personal use or anything you desire.

All of our music is licensed via the PRS, see the "buyers info" section for more information

We have in-house label artists that produce 'filmic" material including "The Beijing Gang" & "45 Dip". We also have many independent composers contributing to the library.

We also do Music/SFX to picture and are co-producers in selected film and animations. Details can be found on our squirky.com website.

Owner Chris Bemand has over 20 years experience of producing music for both commercial release and Music Library .
As well as a large discography, Chris has written and produced countless scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoon series, Bafta nominated Skunk Fu! and King Arthur's Disasters.
He's also known for writing choral stings for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear.

Buyers information

  • All of our music is licensed via the PRS making it really easy for you to use it. The PRS have a website where you can get a licence, get a quote or see what the rate-share for your usage. If you prefer to speak to someone in person you can call us on 0208 406 1001.

  • To license a track you will need the following information; track name, CD number, track number, composer names, library name (Squirky Music Library) and duration for each individual music cue.
  • Once you have completed your license online you will receive a copy of the licence and subsequently an invoice from PRS for the usage. Simple!

  • If you want to licence our music from outside the UK,
  • or need any help or further information call us on +44 (0)208 406 1001 or email info@squirky.com


  • rocktronica
  • Scuzztronic
  • Ambient Futura
  • Feel Good
  • Urban Music
  • Squirky Love
  • DrumTracks
  • kidzone
  • EDM
  • Asian Chill
  • Comedy
  • Global Beats
  • Docubeats
  • Jazzatronica
  • Slightly Disturbing Beats
  • Squirky Horror

Squirky music Ltd.  13 Borough Road, Kingston, Surrey. KT2 6BD. United Kingdom.  
tel: +44 (0)208 406 1001