About us

We are "music for film and animation" studios, composing, recording, editing, and mixing through to broadcast stage.

We invest in film and animation co-productions.

We have a carefully compiled, cutting edge music licensing library for use in all media.

Our Services include the composition of songs, titles, instrumental and background music.
Foley/sfx, sound design, voice recording, editing, dubbing and all mixing to broadcast.

We have a talented team of, in-house & sourced, composers, singers, musicians, voice over artists, sound designers and engineers.

Email info@squirky.com or phone +44 (0)208 406 1001 to discuss your project.

Owner Chris Bemand has over 20 years experience of producing music for both commercial release and Music Library .
As well as a large discography, Chris has written and produced countless scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoon series, Bafta nominated Skunk Fu! and King Arthur's Disasters.
He's also known for writing choral stings for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear.

the studio

Where it all happens! Our UK studio in Kingston, Surrey, South London.


film & animation

we do sound to picture, foley/sfx, sound design, dubbing, voice recording and editing to broadcast.
we also invest in film & animation co-productions.


we compose original material, can source our music library, do sound to picture, voice recording, dubbing, foley/sfx and editing to final broadcast stage for advertisements.

Squirky music Ltd.  13 Borough Road, Kingston, Surrey. KT2 6BD. United Kingdom.  
tel: +44 (0)208 406 1001

Skype: squirky.music